U n i ~ d i a r y

I’m going to start recording what I’m doing at uni each day/week for my own personal records, and I might be able to entertain (I don’t know why really) or help people who want to know what actually studying at uni is like.

Today was the hand – in for the Personal Research Report (my first proper assignment, after the drawing portfolio). It was about a cycling project we did a couple of weeks ago in groups, and we had to write up our own research activities basically, Harvard-referenced and everything.

Today also meant the start of  new project…

This is very exciting! We got the briefing today, and it’s to create a display model of an Anglepoise lamp. Now this sounds tricky – we’ve been given the technical drawings with measurements on it etc, and the specific pre-manufactured components, and basic wooden rods etc. We have workshop sessions with the technicians over the next two weeks to ask for advice and more materials – but other than that, we’re kind of on our own!

The point of the project is to get used to the workshops and the technicians, and the ways of working for display models in real life industry. It’s daunting and also exciting, as is so often that those two feelings are interlinked. I’ve not really used wood working machinery for ages, we’re talking GCSE days here, I’ve done woodwork and stuff but that’s just hammers and saws. It’ll be very strange getting used to it again, and trying out metalwork for the first time. I am however, very willing to try all this stuff, and get hands on, I won’t really be on the course if I didn’t want to do it aha!

What’s pretty cool as well, is that on our presentation of our models, the CEO of Anglepoise will be there, and doing some sort of prize for the best model. But that’ll be a pretty cool moment for me to meet a design guy from industry, I guess that’s why I came to CSM…

There will be a lot of thinking of the next weeks, but not a lot of designing, which might make room for a personal project I’m starting to think about (and blogging of course lol, but it’s not the priority here unfortunately).


An egg sandwich and coffee accompanied my desperate attempt to understand the technical drawings…

The weather was cold when I left college, but a beautiful colour was in the sky, and the light was hitting buildings adding a golden tint to everything… very autumny. I felt appropriately colour coordinated as well… (you can’t really tell in the picture though aha)


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