This Christmas, I’ve decided to do a series of posts on Flower Named Jasmine called The Twelve days of Christmas. I will be posting 12 posts over the 12 days of Christmas – yes, 12. In a row. (What is this commitment Jasmine).

These posts will obviously be Christmas themed, and include making things, food and drink, some fashion, some favourites of Christmas, and of course all accompanied by photos, which will be suitably Christmassy (think tinsel and lights).

I thought I’d just let you know what’s happening with my blog, and I hope you’ll enjoy the posts!

See you on Christmas day! (make sure you’re following Flower Named Jasmine)


Y O U   A R E   V I E W I N G   M Y   S E C O N D A R Y   B L O G

To visit my main site please visit,

Flower Named Jasmine


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