New Post // Flower Named Jasmine

There is a new post on my main site, Flower Named Jasmine. It’s a favourites post, in my new series called ‘in love with’, and I talk about what I’ve been loving over the last month, and there are lots of pretty pictures. I’ve also tried out a new collaging style while editing my photos, I think it makes it a lot more interesting, and I’ll be doing more like it in the future (you’ll have to go to the post to see them). You can view the post right here:

In Love With February // R A M B L I N G S


I hope everyone enjoyed February, and are enjoying March so far, Spring is on it’s way, and I’m so excited!

Don’t forget to visit my main blog for all of my more creative (and pretty) posts, and follow along here to ‘life as a jasmine’ to get behind the scenes and looks into my everyday life.


Y O U   A R E   V I E W I N G   M Y   S E C O N D A R Y   B L O G

To see my main site, please visit,

Flower Named Jasmine


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