Thoughts // Election 2k17

I’m amazed at how well Labour did this election – they’ve brought a strong opposing message to the austerity of a conservative government.

I voted Labour, but my constituency is an extremely safe conservative seat, so I didn’t really impact anything, which has always made me frustrated with the way a government is formed. I was however, proud to be voting for the first time, seeing as I was just a little bit too young last general election, and I think there were a lot of young people feeling passionate about voting this year. I think that we ‘millenials’ as people so like to call us in a mocking tone, feel enraged at what the tories are doing to our essential services, like the NHS, workers rights, and not to mention education!

I am disappointed Theresa May is going to be able to form a government after all, but I am filled with a little more hope. I feel like people are engaging more with our politicians and showing what we believe, and Labour has created a revived image for itself – one that will help us through the political challenges of the next few years.


Y O U   A R E   V I E W I N G   M Y   S E C O N D A R Y   B L O G

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